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Green By Design

MCG incorporates the principles of sustainable development into all projects through the integration of environmental, social and economic considerations during the business planning process.

The overall business objective is to create economic viability for a business, organization or destination, while embracing environmental stewardship, social responsibility and global interdependence.

We can, and must, all choose to live responsibly within our communities and our environment.

“The components of the natural world are myriad but they constitute a single living system. There is no escape from our interdependence with nature; we are woven into the closest relationship with the Earth, the sea, the air, the seasons, the animals and all the fruits of the Earth. What affects one affects all – we are part of a greater whole – the body of the planet. We must respect, preserve, and love its manifold expression if we hope to survive.”

Bernard Campbell, Human Ecology

Company Services Understanding Tourism Projects Green By Design