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Tourism is a multi-faceted, complex industry that is facing incredible challenges to develop and retain market share within the highly-competitive global market. Tourists have become increasingly knowledgeable and are, in many cases, more interested in an experience than in a destination itself.

Success in tourism and business depends on using a strategic approach to identifying key target market opportunities then developing, marketing and delivering high quality, unique, innovative products and experiences that the consumer is looking for. Applying sustainable or "Green by Design" principles helps businesses and communities attracty new markets while providing economic, social and environmental benefits.

MCG understands how to do this. It specializes in “experience-based” tourism development and uses an integrated approach of four key marketing functions, as outlined below, in order to maximize the stimulation of economic and tourism activity for a business or destination.


Market Research & Planning

Product /Experience Development

Marketing Communications

Sales/Customer Relationship Management

Analysis of primary and secondary market research to identify targeted market segments, their wants and needs, market size and opportunity, etc.
Creation of unique products/
packages based on market segments’ needs & travel patterns.
Development & delivery of messages that inform and influence target markets – such as branding, creative, advertising and promotion, media, FAMS, web-based marketing, etc.
Managing customer service from initial enquires to actual visit to the business/ destination. Includes community welcome programs, customer service /cultural training, etc.

MCG would be pleased to assist you with developing one or more of these functions.

To learn more about the tourism industry and sustainable development, research and funding resources available, visit:

Canadian Tourism Commission

Ontario Ministry of Tourism

Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC)

Industry Canada

Tourism Industry Association Canada (TIAC)

Economic Developers of Ontario (EDCO)

Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO)

Tourism Keys

Sustainable Development - Natural Resources Canada

International Ecotourism Society

Green Communities Canada

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